Fraser Dingo at the book fair logo I am delighted to share my passion for writing with children of all ages.

We can share the profits through a book fair event.

(For schools who invite me as a Visiting Author or Author-in-Residence)

When I visit your school, hold a Jill Morris Book Fair and earn free books
to the value of 10% of total sales.

My titles include:
  • Kookaburra School
  • Frog Thunder
  • Mahogany the Mystery Glider
  • The Wombat Who Talked to the Stars
  • Fraser Dingo
  • Australian Bats
  • Australian Owls, Frogmouths & Nightjars
  • Australian Frogs - Amazing Amphibians
  • Australian Kangaroos - Magnificent Macropods
  • Green Air
  • Monkey and the White Bone Demon
  • Coral Reef Fairy
  • The Cod Hole
  • The Boy Who Painted the Sun
  • Saturday Street
  • Sounds Spooky!
  • Dido has Diabetes
  • Velvet the Flying Gecko
  • The Ghost of Drop Croc
  • Rainbow Warrior - Battle for the Planet
Colouring and Activity Books:
  • Fraser Dingo Colouring Book
  • Australian Bats Colouring Book
  • Australian Frogs Colouring Book
  • Frill-necked Lizard Colouring Book
  • Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Colouring Book
  • Red Kangaroo Colouring Book
  • The Wombat Colouring and Activity Book

Book Farm
8 Rees Lane
Maleny QLD 4552
Ph (07) 5494 3000
Fax (07) 5494 3284

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