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Lindsay Muir Lindsay Muir Lindsay Muir is a celebrated clay sculptor who runs workshops in making frogs and their habitats out of clay - with some magic added in the kiln and with the paintbrush! 'Green Air' was written specially by Jill Morris to suit Lindsay's unique medium. Ask about the 'Green Air' greeting cards which capture dramatic moments from the story. If you visit the Book Farm you can view some of the original sculpted pieces in our special gallery. Otherwise, enjoy the book and marvel at the photography of Ross Eason which has captured the fine detail, with water...

Lynne Muir (previously Lynne Tracey) the designer and illustrator of the Environment Artbook series including 'Australian Bats', 'Australian Owls, Frogmouths & Nightjars', 'Australian Frogs - Amazing Amphibians' and 'Australian Kangaroos - Magnificent Macropods’; also ‘Argonauta, Octopus Navigator’ (2006) & ‘Nautilus – Pearl of the Deep’ (2007). Lynne  Muir
Heather Gall Heather Gall lives on a dairy farm at Bald Knob near Maleny in Queensland, with her husband and two children. Following several solo art exhibitions, Heather collaborated with Jill Morris on the chapter book ‘Frog Thunder’ and then ‘Kookaburra School’, ‘Koala Number One’, ‘Silly Baby Magpie’ & ‘Platypus Deep’. Heather conducts art workshops with adult groups and in schools.
Perry Mallet lives on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, where he is in demand for airbrush paintings on skateboards and surfboards, as well as murals and books covers!  Perry painted the cover illustrations for "Outfall", "Domain of Demons" & "The Chimaera Conspiracy". Perry Mallet
Sharon Dye Sharon Dye illustrator of four books published by Greater Glider, including 'The Wombat Who Talked to the Stars' and 'Micky's Music' (about a soldier crab). Sharon is based in Brisbane and has a background in advertising and photographic restoration.

Bronwyn Searle is an artist with the Queensland Museum. 'Princess Lila' was her first published book. Since then Bronwyn has illustrated 'Velvet the Flying Gecko' which was written by Greater Glider author Jill Morris and published by the Queensland Sciencentre and the Queensland Museum.

Coral Tulloch is an experienced graphic designer and illustrator who lives in Hobart, Tasmania. 'Tyrone and the Time-Tripper' is her first book for Greater Glider Productions.

Steve Demasson is an artist and graphic designer who lives in Maleny Queensland.  'Lighthouse Ghost' is the first book Steve has illustrated.  He designed and illustrated the cover of 'Feral Fungus'.

Lucy Everitt was born in the UK but worked on ‘Wombat Down Below!’ while living in Brisbane.  She graduated with a BA in Illustration from Edinburgh University.  'Wombat Down Below!' is the first picture storybook Lucy has illustrated.

Ali Parnell lives in Maleny, Queensland where she combines artwork with caring for horses.  Ali was responsible for the humorous line drawings in 'Millionaire Dog'.

Susy Boyer-Rigby is an experienced illustrator of children's books for both trade and education, based on the Gold Coast in south-east Queensland.  Susy painted the cover illustration for 'Call of the Dolphin', then completed both colour and a range of black and white tonal drawings for 'CamClub 2000 The Ghost of the Bell'.

Freya Blackwood divides her time between New Zealand and Sydney.  She painted the cover illustration for 'Listen for the Nightingale'.

John Fitz-Walter lives in Brisbane, where he combines art with teaching.  John painted the cover illustration for 'The Mouldering of Miss Havisham'.

Tina Wilson works out of a design studio in Perth, Western Australia.  She illustrated the cover and all colour pictures for the six stories in the collection 'Harry the Hairy-nosed Wombat and other Australian Animal Tales'.


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