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Josie Santomauro and Mary Serenc live in Brisbane. Co-authors of CamClub 2000 - The Ghost of the Bell, Josie and Mary are close friends who write together - and also as two individuals. Josie is also known as Josie Montano. Mary Serenc is a teacher and works with students on their writing. 

Lynette Reilly Lynette Reilly is the author of 'Micky's Music' (about a soldier crab) which is her first book. Lynette is a qualified librarian and has been a secondary science teacher. Her interest in marine and bird biology has led her to writing books for young children with a factual base.

Patricia Kennedy is a secondary school teacher based in Sydney. 'Princess Lila', a novel for 8-12 year old girls published by Greater Glider, was her first book.

Patricia's Young Adult Fiction novel 'The Mouldering of Miss Havisham' links a Sydney address to Charles Dickens' character in 'Great Expectations'.

Patricia Kennedy
Sue Jenkins (author of Call of the Dolphin) lives on Queensland's Gold Coast. Call of the Dolphin is Sue's first published book, although she has had stories and articles published previously.

Beverley Paine lives at Yankalilla in South Australia. The Chimaera Conspiracy is Beverley's first published novel. Her previous works are home-schooling texts.

Rose Trapnell lives in Brisbane. Frog Happy was her first published book for children. Rose has been awarded a Emerging Writer's Grant by Arts Queensland. Her next novel for young readers was Mudflat Murder, which was released in 2003, followed by ‘The Dream Box’ in 2006.

Jo Jensen is a very experienced librarian and storyteller. Jo's sense of humour and storytelling voice shines through everything she writes. Her ‘Gyro Kids’ series of junior novels comprises three titles; as well as ‘Tyrone and the Time Tripper’.

Jennifer Clutterbuck, author of Loopy Locusts, lives at Mooloolah on the Queensland Sunshine Coast. Loopy Locusts is Jennifer's first published book. Dale Leach illustrated Loopy Locusts soon after arriving on the Sunshine Coast from Darwin. Loopy is also Dale's first book.

Mark Svendsen is a community arts worker and popular poet based in Hill End, Brisbane. Mark has been published twice by Greater Glider - with the poetic junior novel 'Three Moon Lagoon' and 'Into the Greenshade', a story in the anthology 'Sounds Spooky!'

Barbara Corbett is the author of one of Greater Glider's charming series of old-fashioned fairy books: 'Rainforest Fairy'. This book has tipped-in full colour illustrations by Sharon Dye.

Anne-Maree Rolley is a primary school teacher who has a number of books published.

Islwyn Williams lives in South Australia. Islwyn's first published novel for Greater Glider was Domain of Demons (2000). Feral Fungus is a collection of easy-read, quirky short stories for young teenagers, especially boys.

Brian Ridden's first book was Outfall, published by Greater Glider. Brian is also the author of Whistleman (Lothian)

Joan Salanitri, author of Ah Kee & the Glass Bottle, lives on the Sunshine Coast. Ah Kee was Joan's first published book, which was illustrated by Di Wu, portrait and landscape artist based at the Rocks Gallery in Sydney. Di is well known for a number of prize-winning picture storybooks for children.

Zenda Vecchio lives in South Australia and is committed to helping troubled teenagers through her fictional novels.

 Kate Taylor lives in Kenilworth Queensland.  For some years Kate worked as a ranger on Moreton Island, where she became very familiar with lighthouses.

Jill Morris - you can read all about Jill on her web site


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